Shark Diving in the Maldives
Shark Diving in the Maldives

Anemone Thila

Suitable for

All experiences


9 to 30m+

Expect to see

Trevally, Napoleon Wrasses, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark, Stingrays, Bluefin Tuna, Fusiliers, Turtle, Anemones fields with Clown Fishes (Anemone Fishes)

Time from Reethi Faru

35 minutes

Anemone Thila - Dive Site Reethi Faru


This Thila is covered with anemones in all sizes and in all depths. It’s beautiful to hover over the top reef and have a sharp into the anemones to find maybe some unique craps hiding. Current typically runs either from north-east or from south-west. Dive always starts on current facing side. In the North the reef features a small plateau around 20m depths with small overhangs. In the east the reef has a slope from top reef 10m -25m before it curves out into sandy bottom. The east side features a big coral block away from the Thila, which creates a little canyon. Big overhangs can be found here. The south side is a steep drop, with small overhangs in the deeper area. The reef hits sandy bottom at around 30m.
The west reef slopes slowly down to about 24m, before it curves into sandy bottom.

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