Shark Diving in the Maldives
Shark Diving in the Maldives

Beriyan Kuda Thila

Suitable for

Experienced divers, , Advanced or Deep Speciality


6 to 30m+

Expect to see

Grey Reef Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Dog Tooth Tuna, Snappers, Jack fish, Fusiliers

Time from Reethi Faru

20 minutes

Beriyan Kuda Thila - Dive Side Reethi Faru


It is located about 15 meters on the south of Beriyan Bodu Thila. The top of the thila is around 15m deep. The thila is 5m wide and has a length of about 20m. It features 3 levels. The deepest level is 30m and the north-west side of the reef has a little plateau, with many midnight corals. It features overhangs on the west side, which run down to the south. The east side curves into the sandy bottom.
The next level has a depth of 23m and again features overhangs on the west and east side.
The shallowest level, which is the top of the thila, features plenty of hard and soft corals.
The dive typically starts at the deepest level and you can go around the thila once on each level. The dive can then be finished at the Budo Thila, if wanted.

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